Buildingox was founded by David Cogdell, a Licensed Professional Counselor.  David grew up as an overweight child and became an obese adult.  Once he started going to the gym regularly and began seeing the weight fall off, he found a passion for fitness to go along with his career in the mental health field.  David lost over 100 pounds before discovering the joys of strength training.  Once David picked up a barbell he never looked back.  David enjoys powerlifting because it gives him an opportunity to compete against himself while also providing a positive social interaction with fellow strength enthusiasts.

Through training in powerlifting, David has come to realize the connection between physical strength and mental strength.  By building physical strength, David believes each person will simultaneously build their mental strength thus preparing them for daily life as well as the occasional challenges that present themselves.  Sometimes overcoming obstacles in life is as simple as moving them out of the way.